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The Sunday Read: Taking a stab at the Texas Rangers’ Opening Day roster

(Texas Rangers/Ben Ludeman) 


Ever since the lockout ended and spring training was crammed into four weeks, the expectation was that rosters for the first month of the season would be expanded from 26 to at least 28.

That happened last week, when MLB and the MLB Players Association reached that no-brainer.

In the process, the decision created opportunities for players in Texas Rangers camp that might have been headed to the minor leagues or to free agency.

A pitcher who can log multiple innings saw his chances at being on the Opening Day roster increase. A veteran position player trying to punch his ticket to Toronto on April 8 is also better off than he was before rosters expanded.

But things didn’t get much easier for the brainiacs who will set the season-opening roster, likely on the final day of spring training April 5.

As always, things like minor-league options and available spots on the 40-man roster will come into play. The Rangers are still trying to develop young players, so what’s best for their long-term success will also be a factor in the final decisions.

Health is always a consideration.

What follows is a fairly educated guess but also a reading of the tea leaves as to how the final roster could look when all is said and done.

That’s right: It’s a Texas Rangers Opening Day roster projection.

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