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Who will the Rangers select in 2022 MLB Draft? Here are the candidates

(AP Photo/John Bazemore)


The MLB Draft begins tonight, and the Rangers once again sit with a pick that will upgrade the entire minor-league system.

Anytime you have a top-five pick, there is a chance to add an elite prospect to the organization. Texas sits with the third overall pick and then not another one until pick 109 in the fourth round. In other words, under-slot probably isn’t a factor in 2022.

Mock drafts have been coming out since the 2021 draft ended and before prospect lists for 2022 were finalized. The latest mock drafts seem to be focusing on a couple of high school kids for Texas.

Let’s look at nine top prospects who might be a consideration for the Rangers, along with Rangers Today predictions of who the Rangers might take  (these are in alphabetical order):

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  1. A Stephens July 17, 2022

    Would be thrilled, with any of these, in order
    1. Jones
    2. Holliday
    3. Lee


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