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Blaine Crim married a saint.

Not only has wife Katie sat through two postponed honeymoons, but she sat in a car Thursday next to her husband as he appeared on Episode 28 of the Texas Rangers Baseball Podcast.

Things ran long at the ballpark during a good day for Crim, who doubled and homered in a minor-league game against the Royals. He then spent around 30 minutes regaling me and John Moore with pretty good tales.

I learned a couple things, and so will you. Here’s one: He and I were both at Booty’s Burgers and Wings in Surprise the night the NBA shutdown in 2020 because of COVID. I’m willing to bet I had a chicken cobb salad wrap and two Coors Lights.

Crim was in big-league spring training, albeit for a shorter time than he normally would have been because of the lockout. But plenty of club officials saw him during the minor-league mini-camp and at the start of minor-league spring training, so he’s not short on evaluation time.

We get into a lot of things, including how his very interesting answer to the always-fun final question. Crim liked socks as a youngster, and that’s about it.

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