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FORT WORTH — On Monday, Tony Beasley was named Rangers interim manager after the manager who kept him on staff after the 2019 season was fired.

On Wednesday, the executive who hired Beasley in October 2014 was fired.

On Friday, with a suddenly crowded plate and probably dozens of other things that deserved his attention, Beasley squeezed in some time from his hotel room in Minneapolis for the Texas Rangers Baseball Podcast.

Beasley took John Moore and I through what he’s been dealing with since hearing that Chris Woodward and Jon Daniels had been sent packing. He has exchanged text messages with Woodward and spoken briefly with Daniels.

Beasley also finally called his wife Monday, about five hours after learning that he had been named the interim manager.

He said things returned to normal Thursday as the Rangers beat Oakland and hopped on their charter plane for a six-game road trip. He was able to breathe again and get back to who he normally is.

Beasley feels good going about the team going forward. They found a way to win Saturday, despite trying to give the game away with silly mistakes that they need to clean up.

Anyone who listens or watches this episode will be able to tell why everyone with the Rangers loves Beasley and the kind of guy he is — the kind who would come on our little podcast.

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