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Aaron Zavala returns to Rangers Today Baseball Podcast (and to game action)


DUNCANVILLE — Being in Frisco, even for the second straight season, never felt so good for Aaron Zavala.

The outfielder had been on rehab assignment in Arizona, which loses some of its charm once spring camps break. The monotony of the rehab process can bring down the most mentally tough.

Zavala was ready to get out of there, but not before leaving a lasting impression on the Rangers for the manner in which handled the rehab process. There were light days as Zavala tried to squeeze every opportunity out of the hand he had been dealt.

He’s stronger and hitting balls farther without sacrificing any of his steely plate discipline. As one of the Rangers’ top prospects and most advanced hitters in the minor leagues, he could be someone to watch for a possible call-up before the season ends.

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