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Armchair GM checks in with his initial free-agent to-do for Rangers

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The Texas Rangers are world champions. Let me repeat that: The Texas Rangers are world champions!

For most Rangers players and coaches, the next few weeks will offer some time to recharge and spend time with family. However, for the front office (and imaginary ones like me) the work is getting started on repeating in 2024. 

So Chris Young called me*, and we have started hashing out our plans to improve the team that already won a World Series.

* He didn’t call me.


  1. Monty W November 16, 2023

    It’s interesting that Hedges is still on the 40-Man Roster on the Rangers website but everyone else has been cleared off.

    1. DW7 December 3, 2023

      Yeah, but Hedges was your best cheerleader…. dude had more fun than anyone, it seemed, during last years run.

  2. Bennie November 16, 2023

    I would rather have Dunning and/or Bradford in the rotation than Heaney. No nore Hedges please. Dunning is better than Gray as well. Bradford night be too.

  3. hawkeye0128@mail.com November 16, 2023

    Confused on a couple of things John? Why are you carrying 3 catchers? It was understandable this year with Garver being your everyday DH, don’t think Huff or Hedges will be DHing at all. Definitely if you have them signing Soler. Also no Zeke Duran. I’m assuming you have them trading him but doesn’t show on the roster. What are you thinking Zekes trade value is?

  4. deGrom Texas Ranger November 17, 2023

    I would love Hader if he just wanted 3 years and probably wpuld then try to see if he can lower his AAV over more years, like 5/80 or 5/85. However, I think he gets like 5/110, which I would stillbe fine with because Texas has no bullpen. Yuki is probably getting overpaid, just like Y-Rod. I love Kershaw at 10 MM for half a season of the best starter in baseball. Imagine the nighmare of Kershaw for 7, some good reliever, and then Hader. I don’t see the point of Soler when you can just sign Garver for that price likely.

    1. deGrom Texas Ranger November 17, 2023

      I mean Yuki and Y-Rod are likely getting way more, not that they are overpays at that rate.

  5. kerry.young62@gmail.com November 17, 2023

    Time to give one of the farmhands on the 40 man roster a shot at DH. I can’t see them spending a ton of money for a role player when they have needs elsewhere.


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