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Armchair GM: Swinging for the fences with first proposals of the offseason

(AP photo/Sue Ogrocki)



The Texas Rangers made their first huge offseason move with the hiring of former Padres and Giants manager Bruce Bochy. Everyone knows the next goal is addressing the starting rotation and adding one more impact bat.

How much say will Bochy have  on who he wants to go get?

It’s officially time for this Armchair GM to sit down and start assembling the team that gets to the playoffs. 

This might be too wild of a ride of some.


  1. Bennie October 26, 2022

    Wow, those are, well… those are… those are some ideas.

    1. John Moore October 26, 2022

      I think we Ranger fans you have to be realistic. Yes, signing Rodon and Degrom sounds fantastic. But we are talking about $70 million a season for those two. I just don’t think that’s smart. This rotation is a lot better than 2022 and Bochy us known for how he uses his pitching staff. Plus the depth. Otto, Rocker, White Bradford, Englert and others at the AA and AAA level. That’s a ton of depth.

      1. Position Switch October 26, 2022

        I understand the sentiment on being cautious and wise on money, but Senga, Perez, Snell, and Bumgarner are at $70m in added salary for ’23 in your proposal. That seems incredibly unrealistic based on the talent that would need to leave the system to acquire Bumgarner/Snell. Rodon at $22-25m a season on a 5-year deal, plus a 2nd tier FA like Eovaldi or Bassit on $12m-16m a season for 4 years is putting us at only 40m, give Perez the QO, and obviously keep Gray and Dunning – your rotation is set. The trade you make is Reynolds, and I agree with that. But he has 3 years of control left and is going to require 2 Top 8 Prospects plus an additional 2 in the 10-20 range.

        This is your article of course, but I’d go for the below:

        Sign Rodon to 5/142m
        Sign Eovaldi to 3/30m (3rd year is a Vesting Option at 150 IP)
        Sign Robert Suarez to 2/18

        Trade for Bryan Reynolds – send Justin Foscue, Dustin Harris, Aaron Zavala, and Mitch Bratt

        Trade for Kyle Finnegan – send Zak Kent

        I think the Rangers sign one A SP, and one B SP and trade for an elite Bat
        Sign B Pitcher, and Nimmo, and trade for an elite SP

        1. ryan12887@yahoo.com October 26, 2022

          Rodon and either Eovaldi/Bassit would be a huge win. Especially if they pick up a nice bat via FA or trade before spring training. As fun as this exercise is, the Rangers could sign Rodon/Eovaldi now and then wait to push the chips in on a true ace before the trade deadline. Lots of avenues to get better, should be a fun ride

        2. John Moore October 26, 2022

          You have some pretty good ideas here yourself. Let me stew on your ideas.

          1. Position Switch October 27, 2022

            The fun part of all of this is I am probably drastically wrong HAHA! I do hope they go for Reynolds though. He is a sure-fire 5-category stud and would make this lineup elite in my opinion. Use money on arms

          2. John Moore October 27, 2022

            From your earlier post. I think to get Reynolds, you have to send one top pitcher. So Leiter or White would need to be included.
            I think Rodon is a real possibility. The question is number of years.

          3. Tyler R. October 27, 2022

            I’d add White and see if they include Bednar?

            Rodon seems to be someone they are incredibly interested in. Knowing how close you are to the organization do you think they go to the years/$$ that Rodon will want?

  2. rogerbrownsongs@gmail.com October 26, 2022

    The one that has me shaking my head is the Bryan Reynolds trade suggestion. That’s giving up waaaay too much for him IMO.


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