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Friday on the Farm: 12 of the best July performances in Rangers’ system

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July is always a little bit different than the other months in a minor-league season.

Teams take an All-Star break, even though the minors have done away with All-Star games. The draft is in July these days, so new talent is getting infused all 30 farm systems, and the trade deadline always leads to prospects trading places.

The Rangers once again were active at the deadline, which this year fell on Aug. 1. All the heavy lifting was done in July, including the Rangers trading away two of their best prospects this season.

Shortstop Luisangel Acuna went to the Mets in the Max Scherzer deal, and infielder Thomas Saggese (along with right-hander TK Roby) went to the Cardinals for Jordan Montgomery and Chris Stratton. Saggese and Acuna might have been 1-2 in voting to be the Rangers Minor League Player of the Year.

And they were having very good months at Double A Frisco and would have been including as one of the 12 best in the Rangers’ system in July if not for the trades.

Saggese batted .345 with a 1.006 OPS. Acuna batted .360 with a .918 OPS.

Rangers Today wishes them both well.

Rangers Today was also still able to find 12 players across seven teams with standout months of July.

Here they are (in alphabetical order):

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  1. deGrom Texas Ranger August 5, 2023

    I don’t get the absurd hate towards Blaine Crim. It’s like him being a first baseman means he has to be Freddie Freeman at the plate to be considered valuable. His plate discipline would help the team, and he could learn to play outfield or give Lowe a day off on the bench. He isn’t young enough to be a “prospect,” so I don’t get why he isn’t up playing for a first place team. If he comes up this year, he will have 6 more seasons left after this, so he would be 32 in his last season. Why wait? I also think Trevor Hauver, to a much lesser extend, is underrated a lot as a solid OPS outfielder.


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