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Friday on the Farm: Getting an early read on four key pitching prospects

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By now everyone knows who the Rangers’ top pitching prospects are, though the order in which they fall is open for some debate.

So is the number of pitchers who rate as the best of the best. The group, it seems, continues to grow as pitchers continue to develop.

Knocking on the door, if he hasn’t already opened it, is left-hander Cody Bradford, who was scheduled to make his third start of the season Friday night at Triple A Round Rock. His first two were outstanding, as he allowed three hits and three walks in 11 1/3 scoreless innings. He struck out 10.

Brock Porter, TK Roby and Dane Acker are in the mix. Ryan Garcia, Emiliano Teodo, Winston Santos and Mitch Bratt are close.

But the four names mentioned the most have been fairly consistent since at least July, all of them right-handers: Jack Leiter, Kumar Rocker, Owen White and Cole Winn.

They have each made at least one start this season. The reports have varied, but for the most part each has done something positive that the Rangers hope will translate into development and advancement later this season.

Here’s a look at each pitcher’s (very) early performances.

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  1. deGrom Texas Ranger April 15, 2023

    In recent memory, only Mark Texiera, CJ Wilson, Ian Kinsler, Joey Gallo, and a few relievers like Kela, Robbie Ross, etc. have panned out for Texas despite being drafted and developed by Texas. I hope these guys break that trend.

  2. stmetzger@verizon.net April 16, 2023

    Maybe at some point — maybe he can be a guest on the podcast this summer — you /he can describe what exactly they’re trying to change about Winn’s approach.


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