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Friday on the Farm: Jack Leiter optimistic he’s on right path to Rangers’ roster

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ARLINGTON — For every encouraging outing the Rangers saw in 2023 from Jack Leiter, they saw too many that were going the other way in the his second professional season.

As the struggles mounted and the data continued to show decline, the Rangers made the drastic decision to take the second selection of the 2021 MLB Draft out of competition.

They wanted to place Leiter on the development list at Double A Frisco, but they didn’t do it without first presenting their case. It was a compelling one.

“Basically, there were deficiencies in my delivery that were throwing it off and putting me in the outlier range compared to all big-leaguers,” Leiter said.

Jeff Wilson

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  1. deGrom Texas Ranger October 14, 2023

    I think that if you took out his worst 2 starts, his ERA dropped to below 4 or something. That was possibly before AAA.


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