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Friday on the Farm: Never mind individual accomplishments. Rangers’ system is trending the right way

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Here’s how good the Rangers’ farm system has become:

It’s entirely possible that multiple quality prospects are lost in December in the Rule 5 draft, and that others are packaged in deals for a proven starting pitcher for the big-league rotation.

Those things are more whens instead of ifs.

Their two best pitching prospects did not develop as well as hoped, and their third baseman of the future had yet another injury that stunted his development. He’s going to be fine, though.

Those things would have further crippled the farm system as recently as two years ago, but even in the worst-case scenario with the Rule 5 and even if the Rangers pull of multiple offseason trades, the Rangers will still have one of the best farms in baseball.

That’s pretty good.

It wasn’t necessarily a perfect 2022 for the farm system, but there were more highs than lows.



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