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Friday on the Farm

Friday on the Farm: Opportunity has knocked yet again for Ezequiel Duran, but where does he fit in Texas Rangers’ plans?

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A small town near the Haitian boarder isn’t on most scouts’ maps in the Dominican Republic, and a trainer called “Bone” isn’t in most scouts’ favorites lists on their cell phone.

Maybe that’s why infielder Ezequiel Duran didn’t sign with the New York Yankees until two years after he was first eligible. Then again, being from a small town with a lesser-known trainer might be why Duran is a professional baseball player.

Carlos Julio de la Rosa — aka “Bone” — never kicked Duran to the curb, whereas a bigger, more well-known trainer might have given up on him. Duran never gave up on himself, which has also contributed to his career.

Eventually, the Yankees came around and offered an 18-year-old Duran only a $10,000 signing bonus. He might have even signed for less.

“It was the happiest day of my life,” Duran said earlier this week.

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