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Friday on the Farm: Rangers Today hands out its 2022 minor-league awards

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The minor-league season ended Wednesday when the Triple A leagues finished up a few weeks after their little brothers Double A, High A and Low A, and the Rangers wasted no time in selecting their award winners for 2022.

They handed out hardware Friday to five players:

Player of the Year: outfielder Evan Carter

Pitcher of the Year: left-hander Cole Ragans

Reliever of the Year: right-hander Chase Lee

Defender of the Year: shortstop Jonathan Ornelas

True Ranger Award: infielder Thomas Saggese

(All five, by the way, appeared on the Rangers Today Baseball Podcast.)

All are deserving. Ragans won despite not pitching in the minors for the final two months.

Rangers Today has its own thoughts about the best of the farm system in 2022, and not just the standard top player and pitcher.

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  1. Bennie Bullock October 1, 2022

    Why not Duran over Carter? He put up numbers at higher levels than the rest?

    .899 OPS


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