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Friday on the Farm

Friday on the Farm: Rangers Today Top 40 prospect list reaches 11-20, starting with two players who could be in top 10

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The good news is there is no more hair pulling to do with the Texas Rangers Newsletter list of the top 40 prospects in the organization, because there isn’t much left to pull at this point.

Sorting out No. 11 through No. 20 this week was tough. Actually, it was really sorting No. 5 through 12. Ultimately, though, we couldn’t cram 12 players into the top 10, so two candidates who could in the top 10 by midseason will start 2022 just on the outside.

This week’s segment of the countdown includes three teenagers, two pitchers who dealt with Tommy John surgery, five players with some college polish and two pitchers who made their pro debuts in 2021.

(Yes, that’s more than 10 players, but there’s some overlap in there.)

As was the case last week, this group is reflective of the quality depth that has been amassed in a surging system.

To that end, first up is a player ranking in most publications’ top 10 lists.

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