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Friday on the Farm: Rangers’ top minor-leaguer in 2021 tapped into new power source, is now among team’s top 20 prospects

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Mike Minor was headed to free agency after the 2020 season, and the Texas Rangers were neither motivated to re-sign him nor planning to contend in 2021.

So, they felt they needed to trade him rather than let him walk for nothing.

They found a taker, even though Minor wasn’t pitching all that well. The return wouldn’t be massive, but the Rangers were able to recoup two low-level prospects from the Oakland A’s.

The headliner was outfielder Marcus Smith, who was a third-round pick in 2019. He’s an athletic outfielder who batted .361 in his first taste of pro ball, though without consistent hard contact, in the rookie league.

The other player blossomed into the Rangers’ 2021 Minor League Player of the Year.

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