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Friday on the Farm: The 14 draftees who have signed with Rangers

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Kamdyn Perry isn’t wildly active on Twitter, but he has been sure to document some recent lifetime milestones.

He retweeted being selected July 11 by the Rangers in the 17th round of the MLB Draft. He posted a photo Sunday of his locker in the minor-league clubhouse at the Rangers’ Arizona facility, and two days later posted a photo of him signing his first professional contract.

Seems pretty official, even though he wasn’t included in the initial wave of signings released by the Rangers.

No biggie. His signing isn’t the biggest fish to fry, but he might be the last of the 18 players the Rangers selected to sign.

The Rangers had only eight picks in the top 10, relinquishing their second- and third-rounders for signing right-handers Jacob deGrom and Nathan Eovaldi. Each of the eight, including the top pick, signed.

Who are they? What positions do they play?

Rangers Today has you covered.

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  1. deGrom Texas Ranger July 22, 2023

    His name is Jake Brown, not Josh Brown.

    1. Jeff Wilson July 23, 2023

      Josh Brown is my wife’s co-worker. Doh.


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