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Friday on the Farm: The hottest pitcher in the Rangers system? It’s a local lefty

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When it comes to hype and web clicks, left-hander Cody Bradford is behind several other pitchers in the Rangers’ farm system.

Kumar Rocker, the No. 3 overall pick last year, is No. 1 in the buzz rankings. Jack Leiter, the No. 2 overall pick in 2021, is No. 2. Then, in no particular order, comes 2018 first-round Cole Winn, 2022 fourth-rounder Brock Porter and 2020 third-rounder TK Roby.

Dane Acker, acquired in the 2021 Elvis Andrus trade, generated a lot of buzz in spring training.

None of them, though, has been better this season than Bradford. Really, no one has been better than Bradford since last summer.

“There’s been some really good defense played behind me,” said Bradford, who went to Aledo High School west of Fort Worth.

No one has been more humble, either.

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