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Friday on the Farm: The Recliner Nerd updates his top 20 Rangers prospects

(AP photo/Gary McCullough)


The Rangers are in the midst of a very good season with a playoff appearance possible if things don’t collapse after the All-Star break.

But the success isn’t just at the big-league level. Texas continues to sport one of the best farm systems in baseball, which could look dramatically different after the Aug. 1 trade deadline.

We will jump into my midseason update, but before we do, a few reminders.

Any prospect who has played in even one game in the major leagues is no longer eligible. That means Owen White has graduated off the preseason list. I’m also not big on injured players, and some have been bumped due to injury but will likely make the 2024 list heading into next season.

As you will see, there is lots of movement in and out of the list from the spring list (review it here and here), but there is a method to the madness.

Obviously, Kumar Rocker is a top-10 talent, but he will not be back on the mound until late next season.

Others are having breakout seasons who might should be considered but need to prove this isn’t an outlier year. Abimelec Ortiz is one for sure.

Others fell out because of lackluster production, even though it was more about being passed up rather than falling out. Examples of this are Emilano Teodo and TK Roby. Both are really good prospects who are just a little inconsistent this season and have been injured.

Offseason or in-season adjustments could catapult them back onto the this by the time 2024 starts.

Now for the updated top-20 list.


  1. deGrom Texas Ranger July 15, 2023

    I guess Carter and Langford are untouchable, and Porter/Lieter should be traded only if absolutely needed. Everyone else should be fair game if the Cardinals listen on Goldilocks or if the White Sox listen on Cease. Maybe, Hader/Snell become available, and even Soto could become available (unlikely, but possible). Bieber went down.

  2. deGrom Texas Ranger July 15, 2023

    Here is an idea: Martin Perez for Lance Lynn

  3. Rick Qualls July 15, 2023

    Let’s just not blow up our farm for some rentals! I have faith in CY and think he’ll do what is necessary for sure! I know he’ll make smart decisions. I’m excited for 8/1 to hurry up and get here! Lol


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