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Friday on the Farm: Top minor-league hitters wrap up offseason camp

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The Rangers suggested to first-round pick Wyatt Langford that he should stay home in Florida for some rest rather than make his way to Arizona for a hitting mini-camp for a select group of Rangers position players.

He went anyway.

“He showed up for a few days,” assistant general manager Ross Fenstermaker said. “He wanted to be around the guys.”

The Rangers didn’t let him stay for the two-week duration of their annual gathering of hitters who are either options for 2024 or are on the fast track to the major leagues.

Included in the group were shortstop Sebastian Walcott and Anthony Gutierrez, and 40-man members Jonathan Ornelas, Dustin Harris and the newest add, Justin Foscue.

He’s the one who is knocking loudest on the door to the majors.

Jeff Wilson

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  1. deGrom Texas Ranger November 17, 2023

    Crim may be the most underrated minor league prospect in all of baseball in a long time. Now, the offensive superstars are being greatly underrated so some 15 year old with a feather for a bat with a good arm and speed can be a top prospect. That’s essentially the case with top 10 MLB prospect Salas. I sure hope Crim doesn’t get claimed since bats are scarce this offseason.


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