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Laugh out loud as Rangers Today Baseball Podcast welcomes comedian Josh Sneed


DUNCANVILLE — Everyone likes to laugh, and Josh Sneed likes to make people laugh.

It’s what he does for a living, and John Moore helped put food on Sneed’s table during spring training as he did a comedy show at a club in Glendale, Ariz. The Reds, Sneed’s favorite team, were playing the next day against the Rangers at the Surprise Recreation Campus.

John nudged his way into a conversation, and the rest is history.

The Rangers Today Baseball Podcast welcomed Sneed to the program last week to preview the Rangers series at Cincinnati, but mostly to laugh. We also learned how he got into comedy, how he became a Reds fan and how he built a relationship with the club.

This episode is laugh-out-loud funny, no thanks to me and John. Sneed takes care of the humor, including the story of how he once farted on Jessica Simpson.

Don’t worry, there’s the usual high-brow Rangers talk in there, too.

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Jeff Wilson

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