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Mitch Bratt is on a roll, including an appearance on the Rangers Today Baseball Podcast

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FORT WORTH — Mitch Bratt’s final week as an 18-year-old included being selected as the Carolina League Pitcher of the Week, a visit from Mom and Dad, Canada Day, five more scoreless innings on two hits, and his birthday Sunday.

He also managed to fit in his first appearance on the Rangers Today Baseball Podcast.

Bratt carved out a chunk of time Thursday in North Carolina to sit down with John Moore and me. If you aren’t familiar with Bratt’s road to becoming the Rangers’ fifth-round pick last season, this is a must-listen.

He uprooted himself from his home in Canada, which was in COVID lockdown, to a high school in Georgia so that he could get more exposure for the MLB Draft. Along the way he picked up a throwing program that led to a velocity jump.

Bratt is at Low A Down East, where he has a nifty 2.08 ERA after 39 innings. He’s a strike-thrower, with 51 strikeouts and only 13 walks.

He’s a big fan of pasta, his mom’s stir fry and poutine. Growing up just north of Toronto, he was a Blue Jays fan and was rooting against the Rangers in the 2015 and 2016 postseason.

Maybe the Rangers made him renounce that before signing him to a contract that kept him from going to Florida State.

Probably not.

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