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Monday newsletter time: Good news for a good man who never had a chance with Rangers

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Chris Woodward never had much of a chance to succeed as Rangers manager.

They decided to go into a rebuild mode during his second season, which was the COVID season, which shouldn’t be held against anyone.

The 2021 team was stripped of its talent, and after the trade deadline was even more depleted. The 2022 team included some big-time additions, but definitely wasn’t a finished product.

The Rangers, though, decided Aug. 15 that Woodward’s time as manager was finished.

That was it.

The Dodgers, Woodward’s employer before he left for the Rangers, have found a use for him.

Woodward has been hired as a special assistant. His primary duty will be serving as a roving infield instructor, which will keep him in the game while he also collects the final year of his Rangers contract.

Rangers shortstop Corey Seager credits Woodward for helping him become a better shortstop when they were together with the Dodgers. He might have another project this spring with Gavin Lux, who is moving from second base to shortstop.

The Dodgers train in Glendale, Ariz., so Woodward can commute from his home in Chandler as he did during Rangers camps in Surprise. He might have to go to a Dodgers affiliate every now and then, but that won’t be too much of an inconvenience.

The bottom line is this is good news for a good dude who should be in baseball despite his 211-287 record as Rangers manager.

He’s not the only one to blame for that. He’s not even at the top of the list.

Frisco Caravan fun

The weather wasn’t great Saturday, but the Rangers Caravan stop in Frisco at Riders Field was.

Plenty of fans stood in long lines for Rangers autographs and listened closely to a fun Q&A hosted by play-by-play man Dave Raymond.

Among the highlights was Martin Perez matter-of-factly saying that the Rangers will make the postseason in 2023.

He was the biggest name of a group of players that also included pitchers Dane Dunning, Jonathan Hernandez, Joe Barlow and John King, and infielder Josh Smith. Dunning and Barlow declared themselves healthy after surgeries late in the season (Dunning, hip) or early in the offseason (Barlow, wrist).

John Moore carried the day for Rangers Today after my early departure to get my son to his 10U “spring training” in Cleburne (that was quite a haul). John stayed and mic’d up some players as they signed autographs and chatted up fans.

Go to the Rangers Today Baseball Podcast YouTube channel to watch them. Subscribe (for free) while you’re there.


We do an ICYMI segment twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays. The Thursday edition last week was, admittedly, very thin. However, there was the promise that things were about to pick up. I was right. It was a busy weekend on the work front, not to mention the family front. Another busy weekend is in store this week (Fan Fest is Saturday). So, here’s the latest from Rangers Today, in case you missed it.

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Doggy video!

It’s Monday. Let’s go, team! Enjoy

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  1. ward4807@gmail.com January 23, 2023

    Totally agree about Woodward. I thought he showed much class in spite of the job upper management was doing on him.

  2. Boo January 24, 2023

    Good to hear he landed on his feet. He was a ‘dead man walking’ from day 1 but he accomplished what he was hired to do (IMO), develop young prospects.


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