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Monday newsletter time: Martin Perez logs another victory as his best season continues

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The days are winding down on the best season of Martin Perez’s career, and the Rangers left-hander is still rolling.

Perez allowed one run in six innings Sunday, doing what a team’s ace does. He gave the Rangers a chance to win the game and snap another losing streak, and they took advantage this time with a 4-1 victory that prevented a three-game sweep by Toronto.

Adolis Garcia hit a two-run homer, Leody Taveras connected for a solo shot, and Nate Lowe went 3 for 4 with an RBI double. Perez allowed six hits, walked two and struck out seven during his 20th quality start of the season.

Perez should have four starts remaining, and he hopes they aren’t his final four with the Rangers. He still wants to re-sign, but extension talks have never advanced beyond a few calls to discuss parameters of an extension.

Each strong outing raises Perez’s profile for a free-agent market that is light on starting pitching. There’s probably a hometown discount to be had, but the Rangers need to find out before the end of the World Series.

Considering their stated need for starting pitching, the Rangers would be foolish to not bring back Perez (11-6, 2.77 ERA). He would join right-handers Jon Gray and Dane Dunning in the 2023 rotation, with Glenn Otto heading a long roster of internal candidates who would likely compete in spring training for one spot if the Rangers do accomplish their goal of adding a second starting pitch to go with Perez.

It’s fair to wonder if the best season of Perez’s career, in his 11th big-league season, is a fluke.

He says this is who he is, even if it’s a decade later than expected.

Just sign the contract already.

So long, Kohei

Kohei Arihara was designated for assignment Sunday morning, a move that could be seen from a mile away. It’s not that he gave up 11 runs in three innings Saturday. It’s that he was allowed to give up 11 runs in three innings.

A DFA is often around the corner.

The outing draws to a close two pretty lousy seasons for Arihara, who was signed in December 2020 to help the Rangers overcome an innings shortfall for 2021. The move made sense after Arihara threw 48 more innings in 2020 than any MLB pitcher, and he could plug a rotation spot on a rebuilding team.

He was a cheap option on a team that would strip down its payroll.

Again, there wasn’t bad logic behind the signing. Arihara’s success in Japan just never translated to the major leagues.

Tyson Miller is on the roster now. The Rangers have a doubleheader today and need innings. Gray is coming off the injured list for the second game at Miami, but he won’t be able to log a normal starter’s workload.


The heirs to the Wilson empire were busy over the weekend. Two baseball games and a softball game Saturday, and two more baseball games and a soccer game Sunday. No, the contests were not in the same city. So, the Wilsons were busy without Rangers baseball and TCU football at frogstoday.com. We cranked out some new stuff β€” our regular weekend features plus the Josh Jung debut. Here it all is, in case you missed.

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Who knew? Enjoy. See you Tuesday.


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  1. bflanigin@gmail.com September 12, 2022

    Everyone is talking about re-signing Perez. I get it. The Rangers are desperate for starting pitching. But he will have options now. A hometown discount may not seem so great if he gets other sizeable offers, which he surely will at this point. Again, I wonder, why would he resign with a team that will not win anything in the next several years if at all during his contract years?? Seager got his bajillions, but he isn’t worth what they are paying him in my opinion. Now, it looks like a splashy signing to appease the fanbase that was tired of the team losing. That money could buy a lot of Martin Perez’.
    The Rangers will not win unless they sign and develop pitching.


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