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Monday newsletter time: Outfield options for Rangers flying off the free-agent shelves

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One of the remaining openings on the Rangers’ roster for 2023 is for a left fielder. They might want to act quickly.

Multiple free-agent outfielders have signed the past four days, including Joey Gallo with the Twins, and the best two still available are probably seeing their prices jump some.

Michael Conforto, who missed all of last season, and Jurickson Profar, the former top Rangers prospect, are both represented by Scott Boras, and neither would cost the Rangers all that much. But it might take three years to land one of them, and the Rangers might not want to go that far.

Conforto has much more power than Profar, who would come with much more versatility. Neither is particularly exciting, especially with Conforto coming off shoulder surgery after coming off a so-so 2021 season.

Gallo signed with Minnesota for $11 million, and enjoys playing at Target Field. He enjoys Globe Life Field, too, but a source said the Rangers never made an off to their former All-Star.

A trade for outfield help is looking more appealing, and the chances that Bubba Thompson, Josh Smith and Ezequiel Duran play significant roles next season are on the rise.

The shiniest trade option is Pittsburgh’s Bryan Reynolds, who is a nice player with three years of club control but might not be worth what it would take to pry him away from the rebuilding Pirates.

The Rangers could do it. They have enough quality prospects to acquire any player on the trading block. The question is if the Rangers should do it.

Holiday slowdown

The Rangers aren’t shutting things down just yet, though general manager Chris Young said that his wife might cause him bodily harm should he complete a trade or free-agent signing on Christmas Eve or Christmas.

I’d like to let Mrs. Young know that Friday is my daughter’s eighth birthday and Rangers news would really be an inconvenience.

But things should slow down some this week and possibly into the new year. I wouldn’t bet the farm on the Rangers not doing something, though.

Rangers Today is probably going to scale back, though not entirely. We’ve got one more podcast episode coming, and there will be some other items this week as well.

As for the rest of the year? If something breaks, we’ll cover it. We’ll probably have a couple other items you guys will enjoy.


A lot of Christmas stuff over the weekend for the Wilson family, which means it was a good weekend for the children. Their holiday bonanza started with gifts from the extended family and then those a bit closer who will be elsewhere next weekend. Anyone looking for a last-minute gift should get the Rangers fan(s) in your family a subscription to Rangers Today for $60 a year. Guaranteed to be there by Christmas. They will get the gift of Rangers reporting, like our latest content in case you missed it.

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Sunday mood? Sure. Also Monday mood, Tuesday mood, etc. Enjoy.

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