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Murph! David Murphy joins Texas Rangers Baseball Podcast in studio

(AP photo/Ted S. Warren)

FORT WORTH — David Murphy has four kids, coaches a youth baseball team, and works as part of the Rangers broadcast team either in the booth or on the pre- and postgame shows.

He really didn’t have the time Thursday to drive nearly an hour to the Roxo Media House studios, but he did it anyway because he’s David Murphy.

The former Rangers outfielder and fan favorite joined John Moore and me, giving his keen insight into the 2022 Rangers and regaling us with highlights from his MLB career and impressing with his sharp memory.

For instance, he knew the exact date of the first time he ever hit a home run over a fence. The 30-year anniversary is Monday.

One interesting thing: all of his great former teammates. There are the Rangers greats, of course, like Michael Young, Adrian Beltre, Ian Kinsler, Josh Hamilton and Elvis Andrus, to name five. But don’t forget about a young Dustin Pedroia, a young Francisco Lindor and a younger Mike Trout.

Take the time to listen or watch this one on the podcast’s YouTube channel. And if you watch it, subscribe to the YouTube channel so that John and I can eventually monitize the page and made, oh, pennies for each view.

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