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Nate Lowe faces fans’ questions in latest Rangers Today Baseball Podcast episode

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The first time Nate Lowe was on the Rangers Today Baseball Podcast, he was just the Rangers’ first baseman.

He still is, but he made his second podcast appearance as the American League Silver Slugger at first base and as the reigning Rangers Player of the Year.

Good things happen to players who come on the podcast.

Lowe, of course, deserves all the credit for his breakthrough 2022 and is ready to hit new heights in 2023. He has a plan, both at the plate and in field, to continue his career’s upward trajectory.

Lowe also answered questions solicited from the fans, except for the question about any extension talk. He politely passed on that one, which could mean something’s happening or he wishes something was happening.

Overall, it was another fun episode with lots of laughs and a great “What is something nobody knows” final question.

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  1. deGrom Texas Ranger April 1, 2023

    He should just go by Nathan Lowe just to screw with everyone. That mustache is very annoying, btw. Either grow it out or shave completely. This half-in thing just isn’t looking good to me.


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