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Rangers’ City Connect uniform a hit with most, but peagle is 0-1

(AP photo/Tony Gutierrez)


The concept is solid, a union of the history of Dallas-Fort Worth baseball before the Washington Senators moved to Arlington in 1972.

Paying homage to Arlington mayor Tom Vandergriff, who worked tirelessly to bring an MLB team to Arlington, is a classy touch.

The mythical Peagle, a combination of the Dallas Eagles and Fort Worth Panthers, is oddly cool and has potential.

Only a Commie doesn’t like a cream jersey.

The Rangers debuted their new City Connect uniforms Friday night against the A’s and will wear them again Saturday for good measure. The City Connect uniforms will be the Rangers’ new Friday duds.

Rangers players said they like the uniforms and the story behind time. Ultimately, though, they only care what happens on the field.

“I just want to win in them,” second baseman Marcus Semien said. “The uniform is great and all, but our main goal is to win.”

About that … .

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