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Rangers fire Jon Daniels, hand control of team to Chris Young

(Rangers Today/John Moore)


ARLINGTON — For those who were caught of guard by the firing of manager Chris Woodward, the Rangers just one-upped that.

Jon Daniels, who has overseen baseball operations since the end of the 2005 season, was fired Wednesday morning with the team on its way to a sixth consecutive losing season.

Jeff Wilson

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  1. Boo August 17, 2022

    This is not earth shattering to me. But the order of the firings is a little strange. Don’t you normally see a GM go and then the manager?? Leads me to the question, who did fire Woody? Chris Young was never going to get out of JD’s shadow. In fact, ever since CY was hired, he was never the face of any major news that A GM should be.
    There have better baseball execs than JD fired and ended up on the feet. So will JD.

  2. A Stephens August 17, 2022

    Always been a Daniels fan, still am, he did a great job here and I can see the next very good club (one that will have his prints all over it)coming together. That said, change is inevitable, everything will be fine for both sides.


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