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Rangers notes: With Mitch Garver headed for surgery, enough at-bats open to recall Sam Huff

(AP photo/LM Otero)


ARLINGTON — Mitch Garver’s 2022 season will end Monday, when he is scheduled to undergo surgery to repair a torn flexor tendon that he said started barking before the Rangers acquired him in March from the Twins.

Jeff Wilson

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  1. Charles Neeley July 9, 2022

    So Garver is going down for a year due to injury. Hmm…do the names Cory Kluber and Prince Fielder ring a bell? Hmm, might it be that the Rangers (and JD) are viewed as the dupes of the AL by the AL Central division? Can it be that the Rangers are clueless when it comes to the health of the players they either trade for or sign? An injured Garver will be milking the Rangers just as the injured Fielder and Kluber did before….now cue up Main Ingredient’s 1972 hit “Everybody plays the fool” but JD forget the next word “sometimes”.


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