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Rangers Today Baseball Podcast brings the star power with All-Star Martin Perez



FORT WORTH — To borrow from the great Bernie Mac, when an MLB season ends and players go on break, they go on break.

Good luck getting in touch with them, not just the media but even coaches and club officials.

So, when Martin Perez agreed to come on the Rangers Today Baseball Podcast on the second day of the offseason, it was a big deal.

What happens with Perez this offseason will be a big deal for the Rangers, who signed him in March for $4 million and watched him produce the best season of his career. The left-hander went 12-8 with a 2.89 ERA, threw 196 1/3 innings, and made his first All-Star team.

That’s a pretty good return on the Rangers’ investment.

They say they want to invest in him again, but it’s going to take more than one year and $4 million. Perez wants to come back. He knows, as he told me and John Moore, that the pitcher he was in 2022 is the pitcher he will be going forward.

He’s going to stick around his Dallas home this offseason, too, rather than go to his ranches in Venezuela. Perez is a burgeoning cattleman, and maybe one we’ll be at the grocery store choosing between Nolan Ryan Beef and Martin Perez Beef.

And, for old times’ sake, we revisited the bull incident that led to a broken right arm and some angry PETA people.

This episode was a hoot, and there might be some news in it, too.

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