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Rangers Today Baseball Podcast returns to the minors with guest Jonathan Ornelas

(Frisco RoughRiders)


FORT WORTH — The most popular episodes of this podcast, now named the Rangers Today Baseball Podcast, have featured minor-leaguers.

The top spot on audio belongs to Jack Leiter, the Rangers’ No. 1 prospect whose January episode has outpaced both episodes featuring manager Chris Woodward.

The top spot on video belongs to Bubba Thompson, the 2017 first-round pick who has recaptured his prospect status the past two seasons.

So, we dipped back into the minor leagues for Episode 40 with Double A Frisco shortstop Jonathan Ornelas. You might also know him as the hottest hitter in the Rangers farm system.

Ornelas hopped on from Little Rock, where Frisco was playing Arkansas. The RoughRiders ended up taking four of the six games in the series, and will open a homestand  Tuesday.

Ornelas talks about what has helped him find his footing in what is his best season since the Rangers selected him in the third round of the 2018 draft. He is one of four players selected in the top 10 of that draft who current plays for Frisco.

As always, we coax our guest into talking about some baseball stuff before he became a professional as well has his favorite food. Ornelas’ favorite sounds delicious.

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