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Rangers Today Baseball Podcast talks all things draft with amateur scouting chief Kip Fagg

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FORT WORTH — If Kip Fagg is being honest, the last thing he probably wanted to do the day after the 2022 MLB Draft was come on the Rangers Today Baseball Podcast.

But an assurance was made that he wouldn’t be facing a full media ensemble, just me and John Moore, and he had some lingering things to do at Globe Life Field before taking off for a few days. So, it wasn’t a major inconvenience.

Our questions might have been.

Fagg’s appearance on the podcast turned into some good ball talk. We went over Kumar Rocker and Brock Porter, because it would have been a dereliction of journalism if we hadn’t. We talked about how deep the Rangers’ area scouts dig to get to know a player, and they won’t draft a player they don’t know.

You never know who might fall in your lap, as Porter did in the fourth round. The Rangers were ready.

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