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Rangers Today Baseball Podcast talks baseball, burgers with Dustin Harris

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DUNCANVILLE — Dustin Harris is from Florida. He has no dog in the fight. He goes strictly by what he has discovered, not what makes him popular.

He’s an In-N-Out guy all the way.

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t like Whataburger. He does. But the Rangers prospect crushes burgers, and if he has a choice between the two, he’s hitting In-N-Out.

Maybe he can become a food critic after he’s done playing baseball.

But that’s several years down the line. He’s only 23 and is staring at an MLB career.

For now, Harris is back at Double A Frisco, where he joined the Rangers Today Baseball Podcast last week. The outfielder returned to Frisco after not finishing his 2022 season because of a wrist injury, but a fast start could lead to a promotion to Triple A Round Rock.

He talked baseball and burgers, his baseball-playing younger brother at Oklahoma, but couldn’t nail down a best-dressed teammate. Maybe there were just too many to choose from.

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