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Rangers Today Baseball Podcast welcomes back Jon Gray


Things are afoot with the Rangers Today Baseball Podcast, so Episode 75 is a few days later than we normally like to release a new show.

However, it’s worth the wait.

Right-hander Jon Gray returns for an encore visit on the best Rangers podcast in the game.

His debut was early last season as he dealt with a series of minor injuries that caused his first season with the Rangers to get of to a turbulent start. Gray is healthy now after a one-day back scare and is digging the vibe in the Rangers’ clubhouse.

Why wouldn’t he? His locker is in the same bunch with the pitchers in the projected season-opening rotation, and he knows that the Rangers have a chance to be good as long as he and the other four are good and healthy.

Whataburger fans will give out a big cheer while taking in the episode, and if anyone wants to help Gray design a video game, let me know.

To listen to Gray’s second appearance on the show, click on the embed box above or click on one of the following links to popular podcast platforms:


Bettor Edge




To watch the episode, click on the YouTube embed below and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.


Jeff Wilson, jeff@rangerstoday.com

Jeff Wilson

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