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T.R.’s Memoirs: How Major League Baseball came to Arlington. Part III: The Rangers are born

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Editor’s note: T.R. Sullivan, who covered the Rangers longer than any other writer, finishes his three-part memoir on how Major League Baseball came to Arlington. Links to Part I and Part II can be found at the end of this story.

Nolan Ryan should have been the Rangers’ Opening Day pitcher in 1972. That’s right, in 1972.

Of course, the Rangers also should have won their first World Series in 1972. The first of three in a row or maybe more with Reggie Jackson wearing the Texas uniform. That is, unless the Rangers were playing in the National League and enjoying a cross-state rivalry with the Astros.

Instead, 1972 is simply remembered for being the Rangers’ first season in Arlington and the year in which they lost 100 games. They would have been much better off with Ryan in the rotation.

T.R. Sullivan

T.R. is a Military Brat and graduate of the University of San Francisco who retired in 2020 after a 40-year career with the Denison Herald, Fort Worth Star-Telegram and MLB.Com. He covered the Texas Rangers for 32 years.

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