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T.R.’s Memoirs: Tom Grieve’s devotion to family, Arlington led to remarkable Rangers career (Part I)

(AP photo/Tony Gutierrez)


Editor’s note: T.R. Sullivan covered the Texas Rangers over 32 years for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and MLB.com and is sharing his “memoirs” with this newsletter. In the latest two-part installment, Sullivan looks back at the career of Tim Grieve, who is retiring after 55 years in baseball.


The opposing general manager had a great offer for Rangers GM Tom Grieve.

An alliance. Work together. The two of them and a couple of other general managers.

They would work in cahoots with each other, pass on the latest gossip and whatever other inside information they could dig up on the other teams. Keep each other up to date with the latest dope to be found in baseball. It was an arrangement common with other general managers in the game.

Collusion at its finest.

T.R. Sullivan

T.R. is a Military Brat and graduate of the University of San Francisco who retired in 2020 after a 40-year career with the Denison Herald, Fort Worth Star-Telegram and MLB.Com. He covered the Texas Rangers for 32 years.

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  1. dacoffey41@aol.com September 21, 2022

    Good stuff. I can’t wait for the next one. The 1986 season was truly epic and fun. I bet I went to 70 games that year.


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