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Texas Rangers Baseball Podcast Episode 29: Cody Bradford on his journey in pro ball, and other stuff

Jeff Wilson's Rangers Today Podcast

Not only is Cody Bradford the guest on the newest episode of the Texas Rangers Baseball Podcast, the left-hander is also a fan of the show.

He watched fellow Baylor baseball alum Davis Wendzel appear in January. Wendzel took time during his appearance to praise Bradford, who will be the Opening Day starter Friday for Double A Frisco.

Bradford returns the favor in his appearance.

He also talks about his injury in his final college season and the effect it had on him ahead of the 2019 MLB Draft.

All part of God’s plan, Bradford said, though he couldn’t see it at the time.

The non-baseball stuff is highly entertaining, not the baseball stuff isn’t.

Bradford loves world geography and grandma’s chicken-fried steak, and will throw in the offseason with his wife. Madi, , a former Baylor softball player, is the one who is going to teach their kids how to hit.

To listen to our 29th episode, click the play button at the top of this story or on one of the links below to popular podcast platforms.




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