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Texas Rangers Baseball Podcast previews the 2022 season with help from manager Chris Woodward

Jeff Wilson's Rangers Today Podcast

The Texas Rangers were off Wednesday, and although he was in Toronto, manager Chris Woodward was still a busy man.

Meetings, a category in which the Rangers lead all of baseball, were on the agenda with various members of the coaching staff. The staff dinner was planned for Wednesday night at a fancy Toronto steakhouse.

In other words, the last thing Woodward needed was to join the Texas Rangers Baseball Podcast, but he did so anyway from his hotel room in Canada.

Episode 30 was a preview for the 2022 season, which for the Rangers begins Friday. Hosts Jeff Wilson and John Moore predict how the season will go in baseball and with the Rangers. They will be better, but not a playoff team.

When Woodward hops on, it’s easy to see how excited he is about the season. He didn’t go crazy and predict the Rangers will win the World Series, but he didn’t say they wouldn’t win it all.

If you want to know what’s going on with the team and what Woodward thinks about some of the key contributors in 2022, give this a listen.

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