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Bobby Wilson’s job on paper appears to be pretty simple going into the 2023 Rangers season.

The catching coordinator knows Jonah Heim and Mitch Garver will catch, though Garver might be limited early in the season. Sam Huff and Sandy Leon, whose signing to a minor-league deal has been reported but not confirmed, will be quality major-league depth if not full-fledged contributors at some point.

A catcher is never more than a foul tip away from the injured list.

But Wilson’s job isn’t simple. He is always striving to make Rangers catchers better, whether it be via drills or conversations. He corrects the catchers immediately, the opposite tack of his mentor, Mike Scioscia.

Wilson talks about Scioscia, and Wilson uses much of what Scioscia. First on the list: the catcher-pitcher relationship.

Wilson talks about all of that via Zoom before diving into some renovations to one of his rental properties in the Tampa, Fla., area. He’s a do-it-yourself kind of guy.

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