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Texas Rangers Baseball Podcast welcomes right-hander Zak Kent, whose stock is on the rise

Get to know the 2019 ninth-rounder, who reached Double A Frisco last season.

Zak Kent went to small 1A high school in Virginia, where he received exactly one college scholarship offer — to the Virginia Military Institute.

The way he saw it, his career paths were either baseball or the military. The baseball thing seems to be working out.

The right-hander is a prospect to watch, for those who weren’t watching his climb to Double A Frisco last season. He has a four-pitch mix, but relies on his slider to keep hitters off an improving fastball.

Kent is pretty high on his changeup, too.

He’s in a good spot, and not just because he was the guest on the 27th episode of the Texas Rangers Baseball Podcast.

I hit him with the baseball questions, and John Moore followed with his usual assortment of fun stuff.

(It’s not like the baseball questions aren’t fun.)

Like all the other players who have joined the podcast, Kent checks all the makeup boxes, too.

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