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Monday newsletter time: Evan Carter hit by pitch sends scare through Rangers

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Spring training is all fun and games until somebody gets hurt.

Fortunately, Evan Carter will be only sore for a few days and might not play any Cactus League games until the soreness is gone, but the pitch he took in the forearm Monday did not cause fracture.

The left fielder exited the Rangers’ game against the Giants after taking his base and headed to the clubhouse for x-rays, which were negative. Manager Bruce Bochy said that the good news was relayed to him only five minutes after the plunking.

The Rangers are already playing without Josh Jung (calf) and Corey Seager (sports hernia). Jung is expected back in a few weeks, and the hope is that Seager will be ready by Opening Day. A fractured forearm would have led to surgery and an absence of at least two months.

The pitcher who dotted Carter is Kyle Harrison, a left-hander. Lefties have had a penchant for hitting the Rangers’ young star, who said that one got him on the wrist early last season that led to some bad swing mechanics and a stint on the injured list at Double A Frisco. Carter said that lefties also came high and tight on him multiple times.

Maybe that led to some of Carter’s struggles against lefties, against whom he needs to improve. Bochy said that Carter will be seeing as many lefties as possible this spring to help him get more comfortable against them.

Sunday certainly didn’t help.

Prices falling?

Outfielder Cody Bellinger, one of the so-called Boras Four, agreed to a three-year, $80 million contract with the Cubs after seeking a $200 million payday throughout the offseason.

The deal comes with player opt-out clauses after each of the first two years, so the Cubs might be on the hook for only one year.

All teams love a one-year deal.

Jordan Montgomery is also part of the Boras Four, a quartet of high-profile free agents represented by Scott Boras who have lingered on the market. If the Bellinger deal is any indication, the other three will be coming way off their contract demands.

Montgomery was eyeing the seven-year, $172 million deal the Phillies gave right-hander Aaron Nola. If he’s follows Bellinger’s lead, perhaps he becomes and option for the Rangers.

They have financial concerns. They don’t have a TV deal for next season, though they will find one, and they will be paying a steep fine for surpassing the luxury-tax threshold for the second straight season.

But if they can work out three-year deal in the $60 million-$70 million range with opt-out clauses, that might be too good of a value for the Rangers to pass up.


Nice story here

Once you’ve read this newsletter and checked out all you want to see at Rangers Today, go check out this story from NBC 5 and photojournalist Noah Bullard.

In it, Rangers executive vice president John Blake gives some history of the Commissioner’s Trophy, which is awarded to the World Series champion. His first experience with it came in 1983, and it’s sounds like it was a nightmare.

The Rangers have done their best to make sure that fans have had the opportunity to see the trophy and get their pictures made with it. The guess here is that it will continue making the rounds and then have a starring role on Opening Day.


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