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Players to watch as Rangers minor-league camp gets rolling

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The back fields at the Surprise Recreation Campus became a lot more crowded this week, and it had nothing to with Rangers fans making their spring-break pilgrimage from Texas.

Minor-league camp started Monday, though many minor-league players were already working out in Arizona. Intrasquad games begin Thursday, and four Rangers teams will begin playing against other organizations Monday.

The beginning of camp coincides with the end of the line for minor-leaguers in big-league camp. Five were sent out Tuesday, including the highly regarded Dustin Harris, Aaron Zavala and Abi Ortiz.

More will be joining them in the coming days and weeks.

Some of the stars from the World Series will be making their way into minor-league games, where the rules are flexible. Josh Jung and Corey Seager, for instance, could lead off every inning of, say, a Triple A game. They could bounce to a Double A game and get at-bats there, too.

Big-leaguers will pitch in minor-league games, especially when relievers begin to work on back-to-back days and when a starter doesn’t want to face a divisional opponent or make the drive to the other side of the Valley.

So, if tickets to a Rangers Cactus League home game are sold out, plenty of quality viewing options remain just outside of Surprise Stadium.

Rangers Today is back in camp and has a list of minor-leaguers we want to see. Here’s a look:

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