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The Sunday Read: Identifying good, bad behind Rangers’ inconsistent start

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More than a month after the Rangers started defense of their World Series championship, they are still waiting for everything to come together.

That’s not breaking news. In fact, that statement has been made multiple times a week for the past three or four weeks.

This might be newsy, though: The Rangers had anticipated this possibility.

Playing into November takes a toll. So does an unexpected offseason discectomy (Max Scherzer) and an operation for a sports hernia (Corey Seager). A lineup featuring two rookies (Evan Carter and Wyatt Langford) is also going to sputter at times.

The Rangers are in survival mode, treading water, until things come together. It’s not ideal, but the club brass isn’t alarmed. And, truth be told, the Rangers doing a pretty good job of just hanging around.

They haven’t been below .500 or below second place in the American League West. The 3-2 victory Sunday at Kansas City, where the Rangers trailed 2-0 in the eighth only 10 win it in the ninth, is a sign that there is good happening, too.

Jeff Wilson

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