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Rangers notes: Is Jack coming back? Leiter could return next week

(Round Rock Express)


ARLINGTON — Oakland Coliseum is the gift that keeps giving, for another five months, and this season it is giving the Rangers a traditional doubleheader.

The schedule quirk arrives next Wednesday, and the Rangers are going to need a spot starter. The leading candidate to do so is Jack Leiter.

Jeff Wilson

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  1. Charles Neeley May 7, 2024

    Wishing all the best for Leiter. I watched one of his first professional starts in Midland against AA A’s team. They pounded him.He has the misfortune of having a really good fastball that doesn’t move at all. Nolan had the same issue, but Nolan was pitching 99 and 100 with old guns (likely 104-6 now). 97, well that is pedestrian nowadays. Wishing Jack all the best tomorrow.

    1. Jeff Wilson May 8, 2024

      You’re right about 97 not being what it used to be. Jack is throwing all of his pitches these days, including a little cutter, so maybe that will help the fastball be more effective than when you saw it. It’s supposed to have the big vertical.


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