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The Sunday Read: Could Rangers pull similar strategy for MLB Draft as a year ago?

(AP photo/Rebecca S. Gratz)



To the surprise of even general manager Chris Young, the Rangers’ competitive window is open and should stay that way going forward.

The Rangers will be in first place in the American League West at the All-Star break no matter what happens today in the series finale at Washington. The question is whether the lead is one, two or three games over the Astros.

Contenders don’t usually don’t pick at the top of the draft. The internal expectation is that the Rangers will not be drafting in the top five for some time after they make the fourth overall selection tonight in the annual MLB Draft.

They should land a premium prospect.

Jeff Wilson

Sports reporter for two decades. Sports fan for life. Covers the Texas Rangers. Graduate of TCU. Colorado native. Author of Purple Passion: TCU Football Legends (https://t.co/2fmXLyympx). Follow me on Twitter at @JeffWilsonTXR

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  1. Didn’t Gerritt Cole go #1 in 2011?

  2. deGrom Texas Ranger July 10, 2023

    I have come from the future to tell you that this is an irrational concern. Texas will do the right thing by taking the best player available in the draft. Worry not


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