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Thursday newsletter time: Signs, signs, everywhere Rangers World Series signs

SURPRISE, Ariz. — If anyone with the Rangers has forgotten that they won the World Series last season, they will quickly be reminded after walk though the Surprise Recreation Campus.

The main batting cage, the doors to the big-league clubhouse, the stairs up to club officials’ offices, at least one wall in the clubhouse and the brick wall between club headquarters and the Surprise Stadium concourse have been adorned with a world championship logo.

“Spruce this place up a little bit,” general manager Chris Young said.

The signage and banners, et al, have a purpose.

“The season we had last year and the ability to come back and celebrate that and honor what last year’s team did and meant this organization, to our fan base and also remind us where it all started and what we need to do to go back and try to do this again,” Young said.

Right-hander Jon Gray said that seeing the signs gives him a shot of confidence. Fellow rotation member Dane Dunning said that he hasn’t really sat in awe of the signs. He’s done celebrating, save for the ring ceremony, and trying to get ready for 2024.

“It’s amazing what we did, but now it’s the next season,” Dunning said. “Everything’s wiped clean.”

A local watering hole is taking part in Sign Fest. Booty’s Wings Burgers & Beer owner Andy LiButti has hung a Rangers world champions banner in plain sight in the Surprise location. Keep in mind that the Rangers beat Arizona for the crown.

Take it easy

My Twitter notifications weren’t a very fun place to be Wednesday after I tweeted a nugget from the media’s time with Young. He said that the Rangers will stay open-minded to the possibility of bringing back Jordan Montgomery, but the TV financial uncertainty is a factor.

The Rangers might not make many additions to the camp roster, Young said.


Rangers owners are being cheap, some said more nicely than others. When presented with the fact that the Rangers’ payroll is going to be the highest its ever been and that the team is already past the threshold, well, that meant that local scribes are running cover for the owners.

How could anyone defend millionaires and billionaires?

Some surmised that without Montgomery, the Rangers are done. A couple said that the Rangers won their World Series and are fine if they don’t win another.

Holy cow.

That’s fine. It’s good that fans are passionate about the team. Passion shouldn’t get in the way of coherent thought, though.

Here’s just one example:

The Rangers’ rotation for most of the first half last season, when they built a big enough cushion to hold on for a wild-card spot, consisted of Nathan Eovaldi, Gray, Dunning, Andrew Heaney and Martin Perez.

The Rangers’ projected rotation for most of the the first of this season is Eovaldi, Gray, Dunning, Heaney and Cody Bradford.

It’s the same group. The Rangers managed to be in first place before Montgomery and Max Scherzer were added at the trade deadline, thanks to that group of first-half starters and a high-powered lineup.

The offense has a chance to be better than it was in the first half of 2023. Corey Seager could miss time to open the season, but he’s not going to miss 31 games as he did last season in the first half.

The bullpen has to be better because it can’t be much worse.

Deep breaths, everyone. The Rangers are going to be a contender.


A busy week, and that’s after only one day of spring training. Things will stay busy — actually, pick up — as position players begin to trickle into camp. It might be so busy that a daily ICYMI will be in order. Of course, if you have full access, you are getting those stories emailed to you. If not, join for cheap here. Now, here’s our latest content in case you missed it.

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  1. Boo February 15, 2024

    I’m glad you pointed out the rotation’s success prior to Monty joining the staff. Most of my peeps are convinced the Rangers don’t have a chance without Monty. I’m having to talk them off the ledge by reminding them of what you just wrote… all before spring training starts! I’m also convinced our pen is 5-10 wins better than last year.

    1. deGrom Texas Ranger February 15, 2024

      Fans are spoiled. I just don’t understand this bold support for socialism for millionaires. We are supposed to hate owners for want to make money and because they have more of it than is. How do players then get such favorable press???


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