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The Recliner Nerd unveils his unique list of top 20 list of Rangers prospects, starting with Nos. 20-11

(Down East Wood Ducks)



The Rangers’ 2022 season has come to an end, and it’s time for an updated top-20 prospects list.

First, though, we have to revisit our list from the beginning of the season. Most publications do a midseason update. I wanted to wait until after the season to do mine.

WIth an expected busy offseason ahead, this list may look totally different when I start my countdown heading into the 2023 season.


  1. Bennie October 12, 2022

    I love it that all of the lists leave off Blaine Crim. Some day that kid is going to fool every one of you.

    1. John Moore October 12, 2022

      That should tell you how good this system is. I love Crim. But the upside for these guys are higher and Crim is older and one dimensional.
      But he will be a big leaguer for sure if he continues to hit. Being left off this list doesn’t mean you are not highly regarded.

      1. Bennie October 13, 2022

        I understand. I just regard him higher than most everyone else. I have him at #10 and that is with me having Jung at #1, So, that is the equivalent to #9 on your list. I think he is going to hit better than anyone else we have left in the minors now that Jung is not there. Sure, he is a 1B, but he is adequate there.

        Everyone thinks Lowe had a great year, and he is definitely a one dimensional player, and he appears to be less than adequate at 1B at times.

        1. John Moore October 13, 2022

          I totally get your point. But Lowe is a better hitter than Crim. He’s putting up better numbers and he is in the big leagues. Crim is comparable because he is relatively one dimensional also.
          But is a system this deep, it’s hard to say Crim is the 9th best prospect. He is a short first baseman who has some power and hits for decent average. You could make a case for somewhere around 17-20, but I went with younger players with more upside.


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