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The Sunday Read: Free agency is coming. Here are 11 possibilities Rangers could pursue

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Depending on how things go the next three days in Philadelphia, the World Series could end as soon as Wednesday.

Once it’s over, every player headed toward free agency becomes a free agent but isn’t entirely free until five more days pass. That’s when the free-for-all begins.

Unfortunately, MLB free agency is not like NBA free agency. There won’t be a flurry of signings once the window opens.

However, the Rangers have shown a propensity for diving in early.

Jeff Wilson

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  1. dcpylant@yahoo.com October 30, 2022

    Jeff, I have been a paid subscriber for a while now and look forward to and enjoy your articles. However, your site is asking me for my password it seems almost every other week. Which means, just like this story, I can’t read them until I get home and retrieve your password from the 20+ I have for other sites for work and enjoyment. The Dallas News and Lone Star Ball do not require my password after the initial set up. Can this be corrected? Carey


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