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The Sunday Read: Get to know newest Rangers pitchers from coach who knows them best

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ARLINGTON — A little thing called tampering kept Mike Maddux from reaching out to Max Scherzer last weekend to encourage the then-Mets pitcher to waive his no-trade clause and come to the Rangers.

Scherzer did that anyway, and in the process he also exercised his $43.33 million player option for 2024. Don’t worry: The Mets are paying most of that.

Once the deal was done, officially announced last Sunday, the phone lines were opened for the former Nationals pitching coach and the former Nationals Cy Young winner.

“We reached out right away,” Maddux said.

More calls were incoming later in the day as the Rangers picked up Jordan Montgomery and Chris Stratton from St. Louis, where they spent the final half of last season with Maddux.

A week later, each pitcher has made his first appearance with the Rangers, the transition made easier by previous relationships with Maddux.

Thanks to his first go-round with the Rangers from 2009 to 2015, fans know Maddux. They probably need to get to know Scherzer, Montgomery and Stratton, and who better to give insight than their former and current pitching coach.

Jeff Wilson

Sports reporter for two decades. Sports fan for life. Covers the Texas Rangers. Graduate of TCU. Colorado native. Author of Purple Passion: TCU Football Legends (https://t.co/2fmXLyympx). Follow me on Twitter at @JeffWilsonTXR

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