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The Sunday Read: Rangers head to winter meetings with eyes on repeat

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NASHVILLE — For the first time, the Rangers arrived at the annual winter meetings as the reigning world champions.

They did so Sunday with holes to fill and, potentially, less money to fill them than the baseball world had anticipated.

That’s up to a bankruptcy judge, the Diamond Sports Group and MLB but, ultimately, Rangers ownership. History tends to show, with only a few exceptions, that if club brass want something, they tend to get it. Being up against the luxury-tax threshold might be an issue.

Shohei Ohtani, reportedly, rates as an exception, though the Rangers haven’t said if they are one of the remaining teams bidding for the two-way star’s services.

They don’t say much of anything this time of year, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

General manager Chris Young spoke with media Thursday afternoon to preview the winter meetings, which run through Wednesday. He said that the Rangers won’t be spending at the same levels as the past two offseasons, in part because they don’t need much coming off of their World Series triumph.

They are already well-positioned for another World Series run in 2024 thanks to the past two offseasons.

But they do need pitching, as all clubs do.

Jeff Wilson

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  1. deGrom Texas Ranger December 4, 2023

    Options to improve the team’s bullpen: free agency, trading prospects, and witchcraft
    Thr first option is limited due to the tax threshold. He doesn’t want to trade prospects. I sure hope the Rangers don’t go into the season with LeClerc and Burke as their 2 above-average relievers. Cheis Young better know witchcraft.


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